Raiders Of The Broken Planet To Get Cross-Platform Support Excluding PS4

Raiders Of The Broken Planet

Developer and Publisher Mercury Steam will soon release their latest game titled Raiders Of The Broken Planet. it is a sci-fi adventure shooter game where players battle online against others in a strategic 4 vs 1 shooter.

As the date of release has come closer the devs of the game have finally released some interesting technically specification. according to the report of Wccftech, the game will have cross-platform play support and it will come with a toggeable option in settings which can be changed to enable or disable the crossplay.

The only thing they require now is a green light from Microsoft to enable the feature. Considering Microsoft has been pushing the crossplay feature a lot it would be fair to expect that they will allow it without any hesitation.

But once again Sony has refused to enter the cross-play feature which means that only players from Xbox and PC can play together. Sony hasn’t said anything about the situation but no doubt they will give the same lame excuse which they used to justify the refusal of enabling cross-play in Minecraft and Rocket League.

Xbox users will not only enjoy the cross-platform feature but will also slightly better graphics and performance. as the game is graphics heavy Xbox One X will be able to run the game at 1440P with a smooth Frame Rate of 60. On the other hand, PS4 will be able to run it at 1260 with 60 Frame Rate Per Second.

The team tested the game on 4K graphics on Xbox One X and although it was able to run it the FPS were not satisfactory so they team decided to go with the smoother gameplay specification.

The team tested the game at full 4K resolution on Xbox One X earlier in development, but going that way would have meant a lower framerate. Thus, it was decided to use the aforementioned resolutions and a smoother, faster gameplay experience.

Both platforms will support High Dynamic Range displays.

Raiders of the Broken Planet will be releasing on 22 September 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. for more information you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Page.

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