Vaping Simulator Introduces Pepe The Frog Who Doesn’t Vape

Vaping Simulator

Developer RedSquare Studios and Publisher bcinteractive have released a new game named Vaping Simulator which brings the infamous Pepe The Frog meme into the game. players can run around the open world collecting custom vapes and escaping the attacks from the cute animals.

Pepe The Frog is a comic book character created by Matt Furie but it got famous when 4Chan started using the characters as an emote first came the FeelsGoodMan and later many different version of the emote came out like The sad face frog known as FeelsBadMan and the amazing face frog now known as FeelsAmazingMan.

The character got even more famous when celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Kate Perry, Donald Trump used the emote on Twitter and Instagram. well, that’s the brief summary of Pepe but in Vaping simulator, the frog has a different name instead of Pepe his name is Papi probably to avoid copyright law.

As displayed in the trailer there is nothing much to do you can run around in the open world, drive different vehicles, fly in a helicopter and the basic mechanics is to avoid getting touched by kittens or you will lose health and eventually die.

But the game physics are well made and looks pretty solid. according to the steam description, more features will be added like Dabbing and Multiplayer option.

Well as you can see that the gameplay isn’t something new and is basically like a walking simulator. but it can be seen as a fight against censorship as in United State Of America Pepe The Frog has been labeled as a hate symbol by the media. and thanks to Hillary Clinton presidential campaign which made a blog about how Donald Trump and Pepe are a symbol of hate speech made the frog even more sinister.

Due to so much backlash on Pepe Matt Furie tried killing his own character and requested the world to not see the frog as hate symbol but it did not work.

Anyways Vaping Simulator is currently available for 20% discount which brings the price down to $0.79 the special discount will be available until 22 September so get it now if you want it.

The game is playable on PC via Steam for more information you can visit the Steam Page Store.

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