Destiny 2 How To Farm All Engram Includes Exotic And Bright Engram


In Destiny 2 Engrams are physical coded objects which contain gears and other rewards. These objects are found when players defeat any enemy, completing strike, crucible matches or by simply purchasing it from particular vendors some of them are Master Rahool, Master Ives, and Vestian Outpost.

Each of Engram, when decoded, becomes a particular item like weapons, Armor, Artifact, Strange Coins and more. below is the list of Engrams present in the game and guides on How To Farm Them.

Yellow Engrams(Exotic) – These Engrams are the most powerful in the game whenever you decrypt one of these you will get exotic weapons, armors and other valuable items. but these items cannot be modded with other perks the only way to mod them are with ornaments.

One way to earn Yellow Engrams you by playing Nightfall. yes, the event appears once per week but with three characters you can play it three times which increases the chance to get one of the exotic items.

You can also get it by grinding in Public Event, replaying Strike missions and by participating in Crucible missions.


Bright Engrams – a new engram type which allows players to make more customization to their respective Guardian. apart from customization, they can also yield exotic arrows, armor, and other cosmetic items.

These particular Engram cannot be purchased until you reach level 20. but once you hit level 20 you can purchase silver using money and from silvers, you can purchase some Bright Engrams. you can also earn the Bright Engram without spending any real money but it will be slow first you should start increasing your levels each level up will earn you a Bright Engram. So you can replay strikes mission and nightfall to get experience and hence level up.


White Engram(Basic) – These Engrams are available from the beginning of the game and are quite common. basically, by playing mission and story will earn you enough White Engram. most of these are only consumables and gears obtained from it only have one slot.


Green Engram(Uncommon/Rare) – These are also very common and are easily available the only difference between White and Green is that the Green has a higher rarity of weapon or armor. you don’t need to decrypt them as the rewards are given as soon as you pick up. there are two perks in the gear obtained from it plus an additional intrinsic perk.


Blue Engrams(Rare) – The most common way to earn the Rare Engrams is complete quest but it the chance of getting it as a drop or reward is very small. these Engrams are one of the most wanted codes as it has three free slots with an additional intrinsic perk. they auto decrypt when a player picks it up and it also has a small chance of giving legendary items.


Purple Engrams (Legendary) – Just like Blue Engram it can be also be farmed by playing a lot of quests it also has three slots and an intrinsic perk but these are powerful than the Blue ones also on decrypting them there is a small chance of getting exotic items.

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