Death Stranding Creator Kojima Will Be Attending Brasil Game Show

Brasil Game Show

In just a few weeks Brasil Game Show an expo for games will begin so you can expect to get new games, trailers or new information and details for existing games. some of the game confirmed to appear at the event are Call Of Duty World War 2, Black Desert Online, South Park, Distortions and more.

But the most exciting announcement of the event is the confirmation of Hideo Kojima who will be attending the show.

The legendary director of Metal Gear Solid and the mastermind behind Death Stranding which has become one of the most anticipated titles will be making an appearance and although there is no news if he is going to address a conference with more details for his upcoming game but still we can hope that he does reveal some gameplay or releases a new trailer.

Another thing which makes the event a bit special is it will be the first time for Kojima to attend a BGS event. as it known that he currently only working on Death Stranding so I think it is safe to say that he will reveal some details about the game.

Shawn Layden Sony America president has already confirmed previously that he has played a bit of game and said that it is “More Revolutionary Then What Kojima has Promised”.

Mark Cenry the lead architect of PS4 also confirmed that he has seen some of the gameplay and said that the game shows a clarity of vision and It is in the best sense possible ‘a Kojima game”.

Brasil Game Show is scheduled to begin from 11 October 2017 to 13 October 2017. and as for the details of Death Stranding, there is still no confirmed release date so it would be safe to say that it will be coming in either in late 2018 or even in 2019.

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