Hollow Knight: The Grimm Troupe Free Expansion Coming In October

Hollow Knight

Developer and Publisher Team Cherry will be soon releasing its latest free expansion Grimm Troupe for their game Hollow Knight. it is the second major update to hit the game after the expansion Hidden Dreams and just like the previous one, it will have tons of new contents.

The upcoming expansion will have new major quests which can be played with the new Grimm Troupe, new boss fights consisting of epic showdowns against a new dark foe and a twisted scarlet spectre which are a mystery.

There will be four new charms with new aid and abilities no details were given as the devs want to keep it a surprise. you will encounter new foes smaller but challenging also you will get new allies according to the announcement one of the allies will provide a special service for players flush with geo.

The devs also informed gamers that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is still under work. the frame rates are working fine but there are still some issues which need to be fixed before its complete release. the Switch release will have all the previous content at launch so players won’t have to buy it separately.

Also, the game recently crossed a milestone over half a million copies of the game has been sold. Currently, there are 555,000 owners across PC, Mac, and Linux.

Hollow Knight is currently available on PC via steam and if you still in doubt whether it’s good or not you can check out the steam reviews which are mostly positive and has a rating of 9/10. For more information, you can visit the Official Website and Steam Store.

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