Bungie Removes Destiny 2 Gauntlet Featuring Kek Symbol On It


Bungie has announced via Twitter that they will be removing a Destiny item which features Kek flag symbol. an internet meme word which for some reason is seen as an Alt-Right symbol of hate in the political world just like Pepe the Frog which is seen as a symbol of White Supremacy.

The devs said that they were not aware of the presence of a hate symbol in the game and it was not intentional. the team in no way support hate forms and will be soon removing it

Bungie did not make it clear what they are talking about which made many gamers confused and they questioned the devs about it.

But Redditors quickly managed to understand the situation and a Reddit thread popped up informing fellow gamers that the Road Complex AA1 Gauntlets in Destiny 2 is the item in question which features two K signs opposite to each other.

Well the move was not liked by many gamers and there were variety of responses to the announcement

Let’s get some facts straight the “Kek” symbol is not a symbol of hate the word itself translates to LOL (Laugh Out Loud) they word is generally used by 4Chan users to troll people but as always the main stream demonized the word and now the people who are not aware of the origin of it simply see it as a racist symbol.


The same thing happened to Pepe The Frog a meme which was labeled as a hate symbol by a Hilary Clinton during her election campaign. you can visit KnowYourMeme to know the full origin of both Kek and Pepe

Currently, it is not clear if the Road Complex AA1 Gauntlets will be completely removed or just the symbol also there is no report if the artist did it intentionally or not.

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