Hyper Universe Korean Version Censored CEO Says Artwork Is Uncomfortable

Hyper Universe

If you thought Hyper Universe devs would only censor the English Version and you can just get the Japanese version to play the original artwork and gameplay then you are in bad luck as Cwavesoft the developers have decided drop the censor hammer on the Japanese version too.

The topic has heated so much that Eundo Chae the CEO of the development team was forced to issue an official public statement. according to Chae statement, they found some players were having trouble with the artwork which was preventing them from playing it. on reviews of several discussions and requests, it was concluded that the artwork was “Uncomfortable.”

His Official Statement from Nexon Website

While looking over your current feedback, we saw some debate on the subject of censorship and thought that providing our official stance as the developer would be the fastest and best way to communicate the circumstances of the situation to you

Based on our internal review, we deemed that some of the artwork that is currently causing so much discussion was creating a hurdle for certain players, who find that type of artwork uncomfortable, stopping them from playing Hyper Universe for the first time. In other words, the art in question was harming the game’s accessibility. We decided in the middle of preparing for Early Access to change the direction of that art; the changes would also be applied to the Korean version of the game in a patch at the end of the current season, on 9/14, before the new season began. We are deeply sorry that we could not keep the content consistent, due to difficulties in managing the revisions for both the Early Access and Korean versions; we will work harder to keep the content consistent across regions in the future.

So on 14 September 2017, a patch will be rolled out which will apply censorship similar to English version which would be the reduction in Boob sizes with slightly more clothing and almost total removal of Boob Physics.

The news about the censoring both the version of the game has not been well received by the gamers on Steam who either bought it or were planning to buy it. the steam community discussion section of the game is filled with a number of threads questioning the sudden decision of censoring and now some of the owners are requesting to refund their money.

Hyper Universe

The censorship decision isn’t looking for Cwavesoft as according to the SteamSpy data the owners of the game has reduced at an alarming rate. on 7 September 2017 it had 12,320 and now on 9 September, it has 10,388.

Hyper Universe

It’s an example that censorship does kill games you can also check Fight Of Gods which has not censored its characters, as a result, it was banned from Malaysian Steam Store but it doubled its sales.

As always gamers have found a way around the censorship currently an uncensored patch of the game is available for download you can visit Modder King Arthur’s Guide who made it possible.

Hyper Universe is available on PC if you want to play the game you can buy it from steam or the main website. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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