Hyper Universe Devs Rejects Suggestion Of Censorship Toggle Option

Hyper Universe

Cwavesoft the developer of Hyper Universe has finally censored both English Version and the Korean Version too which will be censored on 14 September 2017 with a patch which will reduce all the Boobs Size with more clothing and almost no Boob Physics.

Understanding the situation some of the gamers in the Steam Community Discussion suggested that the devs of the game should add on Censorship Toggle option meaning an option which can be toggled which will enable the censored version containing less sexy characters and Toggling the option again would enable the uncensored version letting players play the original version as it was meant to be played.

But it looks like Cwavesoft and Nexon didn’t like the idea. Raz one of the community managers said in discord chat that they will not be adding any Toggle Option as it will make their efforts ineffective.

“We are trying to bring Hyper Universe worldwide, and due to standards set by local governments and review boards, adding a toggle option would negate our efforts, so we will not be adding one at this time.”

Even in the Steam Community Discussion, a new thread was started by the devs announcing the changes in artworks. in the similar thread, a developer named Pex was handling the questions of concerned gamers. one the gamer questioned about the possibility of a Toggle Option to which he replied

I see that you got an answer, and it is correct. We will not be adding a toggle. Why? Because to do so would negate the rationale and effects of making the changes in the first place.

One of the points which the developer mentioned constantly is that they need to market their game on other platforms, and regions and thereby reaching to a wider player base.

We have to look at our ability to launch the game into multiple regions where local laws and/or rating systems are in place and work to make the game as accessible as possible. ESRB/PEGI/USK ratings are things we have to consider as we expand.

Some of the users mentioned how can the rating be an issue for a game like Hyper Universe when there are already Big games like League Of Legend, Dead Or Alive and Tekken whose characters are even more explicit than HU. to which the dev replied that the ratings are just part of the issue which caused the censorship.

As mentioned, ratings are just one factor that formed our decision. As for the examples you mentioned, some of those titles have been through their own censorship battles with their communities.

HU still has sexy characters, it’s just toned down a little. Some of the comments really try to paint the changes as total reworks, when that isn’t the case.

Anyways the censorship seems to have been made by Nexon America first they censored the English Version and when it received backlash from the community they also censored the Korean Version seems like damage control move but it the move has backfired.

As mentioned in the previous article according to SteamSpy, the game had 12,320 on 7 September 2017 and now on 9 September, it has 10,388 so it has lost almost 2000 owners who might have asked for a refund and the number is just increasing.

Currently, Hyper Universe has 13 female characters 6 of them namely Athena, Tatyana, Celine, Elendis, Blue Rose, and Kurenai have received the modification. in future too we may see more censored versions of new characters which were not intended by the artists of the game.

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