Steam Store Returns In Malaysia After Removal Of Fight Of Gods

Fight Of Gods

[Update:The ban doubled the sales of the game in few days]

The Steam Store in Malaysia seems to be back after the Government blocked access to Steam in its country because Fight Of Gods was using religious deities like Prophet Moses, Son of God Jesus and Buddha in the game as fighting characters which they considered disrespectful and offensive to religious people.

The game has now been removed from Malaysian region which prevents any gamers from the country from purchasing it or playing it.Malaysian gamers reported The block happened only to Steam Store and the Steam launcher was working fine

Malaysian gamers reported that the block happened only to Steam Store and the Steam launcher was working fine they were able to access their library and play games through it. so the only motive of the Government was to prevent Malaysian gamers from playing one single game.

But now slowly the block is being lifted but there are still some ISPs which are blocking Steam Store probably because the incident of the ban and unban happened too fast but it should resolve as everything get clear for everyone.

Venture Beat talked to Doug Lombardi Valve’s communications boss who said that they have contacted the developer and Malaysian Official about the issue and the block issue should be resolved soon

“From reports we are reading, this is due to a single game that conflicts with local laws,”

“We have contacted the developer, removed the game, and are attempting to make contact with the officials in Malaysia to remove the block. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

The block lasted for nearly three to four hours but gamers would have still accessed the steam store using VPN or by changing the DNS.

The only effect of the incident is it has given the game more spotlight and publicity to the game as any Publicity is a Good Publicity. you can yourself check the steam review of the game which has received positive reviews and as it is still under Early Access you can you can hope to get an improved version of the game in future and maybe also get the most wanted character Prophet Muhammad.

Fight Of Gods is available in all region except Malaysia it is priced at $7.99 but is currently available for $4.99 until 11 September 2017. for more information visit the Steam Page.

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