Fight Of Gods Sales Doubles After Its Removal In Malaysian Steam Store

Fight Of Gods

Developer Digital Crafter and Publisher PQube’s game Fight Of Gods has lost potential customers from Malaysia after it was removed from Malaysian Steam Store because the government of the country felt that it’s offensive and is against the unity of religions.

But the three to four hours block on the steam store by Malaysian Government has given it enough publicity that now the whole gaming community is looking at it.

According to data and stats from Steam Spy the sales of the game has almost doubled in last 24 hours. on 5 September 2017, there were 1,734 owners which increased to 3,593 on 6 September 2017. on the day of the ban 8 September 2017, it had 7,560 owners which increased to 12,548 owners

Fight Of Gods

The Steam reviews on the game have been positive and the devs of the game are constantly improving the gameplay and adding new Gods. if you don’t know the game has community hub to decide which Gods they should include and as most of the gamers have asked for Prophet Muhammad we may soon see it in the game.

The gameplay is decent with basic and advanced fighting mechanics all the characters in the game has various lists of moves just like Tekken but much shorter. you can perform throws, special moves, divine moves and super moves.

The Graphics are decent the animation of moves seem pretty good especially the animation of divine moves and super moves which transition the game into a 2.5D style which reminds me of DragonBall FighterZ. but as the game is still in early access it can improve by the time of its full release.

Well, Malaysian Government are the first country to find the humorous fighting game offensive and I think it’s just a start of the trouble for PQube and Digital Crafter. in future, we may see other regions blocking it in the name of Censorship.

Anyways Fight Of Gods is still available on PC outside of Malaysia. it is currently available for $4.99 till 11 September 2017 after that it will cost $7.99. for more information, you can visit the Steam Page.

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