Sonic Mania Cheats For Infinite Lives, Unlimited Ring, Trainer And More

Sonic Mania

Sega has recently released their new sonic game titled Sonic Mania a side scrolling platform game developed in collaboration with Headcanon and PagodaWest Games. naturally, the cheats for the game has also surfaced all over the internet. below are the lists of some cheats which you use to wreck Eggman.

Enabling Cheat Mode

  • First select Mania mode
  • Highlight No Save and choose Secret option then enable debug mode
  • Then Hold X+A while no save is highlighted.

This will unlock the select level mode with all stages and special Emerald stages. you can even play against the final boss without collecting any Emerald and also play as Knuckles and Tails. to switch character select sound test and press X and then to add them press Y.

PC Trainer

CheatHappens has uploaded a new trainer which lets you get the following Unlimited Rings, Super Sonic, Unlimited Lives, Max Score and Freeze Level Timer. before you use the trainer read the Readme text file.

Infinite lives

In ACT-1 Press garden search the ink container which spawns the Badniks stand next to it and spin dash to kill a Badnik wait more the next Badnik Spindash again. repeat this to stack points and it will give you infinite lives.

One thing to note is to never hold the spin dash it won’t work. after killing a Badnik stop and wait for the next.

All emerald location to unlock and play as super sonic

First, search all the specific locations in the game to get the access to special stages. there are seven emeralds which you need to collect and you can get it only by completing the special Emerald stages. all seven stones which will help you unlock the Super Sonic. below is the video which you can follow it the quickest way to get the emerald and that before ACT-1.

True Ending and Secret Final Boss

Collect all the Emerald and play as Super Sonic before Titanic Monarch – Act 2. reach the boss of the stage and defeat it. now you will be teleported to the secret final boss defeating it will reveal True Ending.

Secret Ending

Enable the cheat mode which listed above select the Final Boss stage and play it as Knuckles. defeating the Secret boss will reveal a new ending which features Knuckles.

Sonic Mania is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox. for more information visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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