UK Art Museum To Display Sexism And Violence In Video Games

Video Games

If you like blowing heads with Headshot in Counter Strike: Global Offensive or assassinating enemies in Assassin Creed or love the women in Dead Or Alive get ready to be labeled as a sexist, misogynist and a person who love violence cause a UK Art Museum is getting ready to display it to the whole world.

Telegraph UK reports that a new exhibit will be opening at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England. the motive of the exhibit is to showcase the world of video games which looks at violence and women as a toy.

The exhibit will open one year from now in September 2018 and will display large units and hands on interactive experience to the modern video games which is rapidly growing at an enormous pace. some of the games will find at the exhibit are Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Dead or Alive and more all the listed has been frequently brought up in past for being sexist and violent games.

The show is being conducted by Tristam Hunt a 43-year-old former Labour MP, Journalist and current director of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Hunt says that they are going to address all the issues around video games and will not shy away.

“Gender, misogyny, violence – we are not moving away from any of that. You have to understand the design component, but you can’t remove that entirely from some of the social political context in which it is placed.

“We are going to address all of those issues. We are not going to shy away from any of that”

Further, Marie Foulston, curator of Videogames said that the exhibit will cover all the social and political effects of video games.

“The exhibition will consider the development in the social and political discussions around videogames. A new wave of critics and designers are engaging directly with subjects from sexuality, violence to geo-politics and these topics will feature within the show.”

Games and Gamers being termed as misogynist and sexist is nothing new it has been going on for many years now. but it is the first an actual exhibition on such a large platform is set is to happen.

There have been several studies which show that games do not make people violent or sexist you can read the Forbes or the Huffington articles which link to several research and studies or you can watch the video below by Christina Hoff Sommers

Censorship was an issue before but lately, it has increased to a large extent and the region most affected by censorship is North America, for example, Conan Exiles NA region has partial nudity whereas EU region has full nudity.

Most recent one is Hyper Universe English version was censored but Japanese version remains the same. some more recent censored games are House Party, Granblue, and Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni which was removed from German and Australian steam store.

 Anyways let’s see what Victoria & Albert Museum has to show about the video games world. gives us your views below in comment what you think about the exhibition.

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