Final Fantasy 15 Not Working Well On Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy 15

At the Gamescom event, Hajime Tabata director of Final Fantasy 15 did a live stream talking about the new contents and answering questions online. one of the viewers questioned him about the future plans to which he replied in vague terms that the development team is interested in bringing the game to Nintendo Switch but sadly it might not happen now.

Dualshockers were present at the PAX West and had a chance to question Tabata if the Switch port of the game is really coming or not?. to which he replied that nothing has been confirmed yet regarding the Switch Port as they are currently testing the specs of the console.

He further details that the development team tried running the Luminous Engine a game engine used for running FF 15 on PS4 and Xbox but the performance was not satisfactory and realized that the engine won’t function on switch properly at least for now.

Although there is still hope as Tabata mentions that the game engine was not all optimized for Switch they simply loaded it and ran it. they also tested the game on Unity and Unreal Engine 4 which performed quite well.

So it is possible that in future the game will be fully optimized and will run without any problem on Switch. but even if the current version of the game doesn’t work well Square Enix can release a separate version for Nintendo Switch. just like there is Window which offers high-quality gameplay and graphics and the pocket edition which has chibi styled characters for smartphones and IOS.

In other news, players will be receiving tons of new content like the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ignis which will reveal the fate of Ignis and the Comrades DLC which contains a multiplayer option for up to four players you can team with other players and find and complete new quest and fight new monsters additionally you can even customize the characters.

Final Fantasy 15 is currently available on PS4 and Xbox. it will be coming to PC via Steam in early 2018. for more information, you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Page.

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