Fight Of Gods Adds Jesus And Buddha, Now Players Want Muhammad

Fight Of Gods

[Update: Fight of Gods Banned in Malaysian Steam Store but the ban doubled the sales of the game in few days]

Developer Digital Crafter and Publisher PQube Limited has released a new game called Fight Of Gods. it is a 2D fighting game which consists of diverse god characters which include Odin, Zeus, Amaterasu, Athena, Sif and it has also added Jesus, Mosses, and Buddha.

But players now want Allah in the game. the steam forums and youtube comment consist of large numbers of players who want to play as Allah.

Steam users Steelrain says

“Why is the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) not in this game? Very problematic to see that Islamophobia still runs rampant in the gaming community. No Mohammad, no buy.”

Another Steam user Souls says

“I’d buy this game if it had Mohammad.”

Nuclear Korrah says

If you allow yourself to include the Christian or Buddhist dieties (since no one is going to bring you problems for that) then you should also add stuff from the various Islamic sects (for instance the Alwai and the Shi3a), but it seems you are afraid to do so.

You can check out the trailer featuring Jesus The Son of God as the newest characters into the game

Just like most fighting games, it will too have the same basic rule fight till you finish your opponents health bar. Fight Of Gods has some of the mythologically inspired stages like a top Mount Olympus, Garden Of Eden, Red Sea and more.

The gameplay involves four button fighting system each combination result in a different and unique attack like throws, special moves, and anti-air attacks. there are fight different types of attack light, medium, heavy, throw and Divine Power which are special powers unique to every character.

Most of the moves are either a quarter circle back (qcb), a quarter circle forward (qcf), a half circle back (hcb) or half circle forward (hcf) and there is no air blocking or push blocking. it also has a training mode which will help new gamers to fighter genre practice moves and combos with different Gods.

Well the game graphics are not super good the animations are decent but you can’t expect much from a game which cost $7.99 and currently it is available for 40% discount which brings the price down to $4.99. the special discount is valid until 11 September.

One thing to note is the game is in early access so you can expect that the final product upon release will be better than the current version. also, you can even vote for the Gods you want in the community threads

Anyways if you want to play Fight Of Gods I advise that you get it now because the addition of Jesus and Buddha will surely be bringing unwanted attention and might get censored or worst removed from steam. for more information, you can visit the Steam Page.

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