Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle – Guide To Earn Coins Quickly

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

In Ubisoft’s latest game Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle a turn based tactical role playing game you fight against your opponents with your sci fi weapons and as you progress you will need stronger weapons to fight the Rabbid Invasion.

And the only way to gain stronger weapons is to by collecting coins which are the like the in game currency. the more coins you have the better weapons you can buy and strong weapons means more firepower in the battlefield.

So it natural that everyone would want to earn more coins quickly to get all the weapons and the upgrades available in the game. below are some of the Tip and Trick you can use to get the coins faster.

  • Strategize your battle plan and use your turns carefully. the more turns you take the fewer coins you will receive. the same goes for your teammates if you lose party members during the battle the coin reward will be decreased. so if think you are taking more turns or are just losing too many teammates just restart the level and in the next battle you can perform better and receive more coins.
  • You should be looking around the levels carefully especially try to find the coloured switches. these switches will open secret places which sometimes contains tons of free coins.
  • Replaying finished chapters is another way to get extra coins and if you want a lot of coins at once try finishing the battles with a perfect score. to earn perfect earn you must complete the challenge listed it can be either to finish the battle certain number of turns or without losing certain numbers of teammates.
  • Completing challenge mode and replaying it
  • Sometimes destroying blocks or enemy gives some coins. you must grab them as fast as you can.
  • The last one is the most obvious one – you should always try to grab every coin while progressing through the kingdom as leaving them behind could create low coins in your bank and you might not be able to get your desired weapon or upgrades and eventually have to clear the next level to get it.

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom BattleĀ is currently available only on Nintendo Switch. for more information, you can visit the Official Website.

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