Tiny Build Announces Pathologic 2 With A Creepy Trailer

Pathologic 2

Developer Ice-Pick Lodge and Publisher Tiny Build have announced a new game titled Pathologic 2. it is a survival horror game and is a sequel to the original Pathologic which was released in 2005 by Ice Pick Lodge.

The game was up for funding on Kickstarter and successfully completed its goal with more than 7000 backers. the team behind the game initially planned that it will be producing a remake but later decided to update and re-release the original game as Pathologic Classic HD and also create a totally different version of it.

This certainly created a slight confusion among gamers and backers and so Tiny Build announced that Pathologic which was up on Kickstarter is renamed to Pathologic 2 and all the rewards for Backers are still valid.

So the difference between Pathologic Classic HD and Pathologic 2 is that the former is a complete remake of the original game with an unchanged story but comes with improved graphics and gameplay. the later will have a complete different reimagining of the original.

In the latest version of the game, you will be playing as a medic in a plaque infested town. you will be trying to save the town from the plague while figuring out the mystery behind the killer of your father and your missing sister.

You will only have 12 days to solve the mystery and also cure the town of the plague. your character will have its own vital which needs to be checked constantly like health, hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

The game itself does not provide you free resources so you will have to scavenge your way just to stay alive by looting, murdering, begging, bartering or stealing. in the game you can perform autopsies on corpses to figure out the cause and the cure of the plague

Although your main enemy in the game is the plague sometimes you will find yourself in pinch against the residents of the town. so you either gain trust and affection from the peoples and make allies or play as a lone ranger whom people will find hostile.

Pathologic 2 currently does not have any fixed release date but it will be coming in early 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. for more information you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Page.

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