Just Us, A Post Apocalyptic Game Set In Aftermath Of Global Warming

Just Us

Indie Developer and Publisher Dry Eel Development Studio has announced a new game titled Just Us. it is an adventure survival game which has entered the steam early access and is expected to be available in 2018.

The story is set around a couple who are trapped on an island created due to the aftermath of global warming which has submerged major parts of the earth. they were left behind as most of the people abandoned the island in search of a better place but as there are no means of communications they cannot know if the people even have found anything or just died in flood.

Now as they are the only people on the island the couple they must learn to survive the crisis by scavenging for resources and trying to fight the rapidly changing climate brought by global warming.

While trying to survive in the game players will do every task a survivor does that is to gather resources. you can farm your own food, fish around the island, hunt wildlife and even breed animals for different utility purpose.

There is also a pet system in which you can tame animals like dogs which help you find resources, items and even track other wildlife.

The game has an inventory system like most survival game and also has a crafting system. you will be able to craft your own weapons, traps, weapon, house and more.

It has a day and night cycle and as global warming has affected the climate of the earth the weather has become unpredictable due to which a sunny day can quickly turn into a freezing snowstorm, thunderstorm or heavy rainfall. these weather also affect health and temperature which could lead to severe sickness.

One more thing the game has a fully playable two player co-op mode in which players can control the couple and work as a team.

The concept of the game is not new but the graphics and gameplay from the trailer look quite good the only problem I found was some shaky animation of the characters but it is still in alpha phase so it would most probably be improved by the devs.

Just Us early access will be arriving somewhere in 2018 for PC. you can sign up for Alpha phase at their website. for more information, you can visit the official website or the steam page.

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