YouTuber Philip DeFranco And Censored Gaming’s Videos Demontized

Philip Defranco

Popular YouTuber Philip DeFranco is the latest big YouTuber who has been hit by the demonetization. for people who don’t know about him he has been on Youtube for more than a decade now and most of his content covers popular news, drama, and pop culture currently, he has a massive following of over 5 million subscribers.

As most of us know that YouTube has been on a demonetizing spree on videos which they think are not ad friendly but whats strange about Franco’s case is that the video which was hit by the policy was not done by an A.I. but by a manual review from the staffs.

The reason for demonetizing the video? Philip DeFranco didn’t reveal the reason behind it but the video in question contained him speaking against the Algorithm of YouTube. according to him the algorithm is doing a poor job and has been demonetizing and deleting videos without a proper check on content.

Although people are speculating that video was demonetized because of him speaking against the Algorithm. one thing to note is that the video also contains a clip of a child being mistreated by his mother which could also be the reason why the video was deemed non-ad friendly. but that’s just my speculation if you think otherwise feel free to comment your views below.

Another YouTube Channel named Censored Gaming was also massively hit by the YouTube’s ad friendly policy. On August 18 the channel reported on Twitter that almost 90% of their videos has been demonetized.

And one of their latest tweet on 27 August reveals that a 1:18 min video in which they just announced a Sub Reddit for their gaming channel was also flagged as inappropriate video.

Recently a live Interview was planned between Giovanna Laine and James Desborough the Author of Inside GamerGate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt. but YouTube preemptively removed the Livestream before it even happened and Liane’s YouTube Channel received a strike for violating community guidelines.

All the Situation does raise an issue about Youtube’s rampant censorship but one should also know that YouTube is also under the pressure from both advertiser their main source of their income and from the mainstream media who claim that YouTube is funding terrorism by showing ads on extremist videos.

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