Journalist Stuart Campbell Arrested For Harassment

Stuart Campbell

Stuart Campbell a former video journalist who later became a video game designer and a political blogger has been arrested for harassing a woman online.

The Herald reports that he was arrested after the victim reported the alleged harassment to police. she further claims that she has been harassed for the past 2 years.

He was arrested last 18 August in the Avon and Somerset area “on suspicion of harassment and malicious communications”. but was later bailed after some inquiries.

Campbell on the day of his arrest tweeted out:

“For sucky reasons totally outwith my control (don’t ask), posts on Wings will be very sparse for an unknown period. Sorry, folks.”

After he was bailed he posted a blog on his political website Wings over Scotland and defended himself saying that the article on him by Tom Gordon on The Herald is to push unimaginable remark on social media.

Further, in his post, he explains that all the allegation against him are from some of his Tweets from Twitter and argues those are in no way harassment.

the alleged events relate entirely to some tweets from our Twitter account, none of which have been deleted and all of which are still publicly visible.

Nothing more sinister or serious than some tweets has occurred, or been alleged to have occurred. None of the tweets involved are in ANY way threatening, not even in a joking sense

Campbell has been known as a strong opposer of GamerGate and was very vocal about it on Twitter both.from his personal and his political website account.

Recently Polygon video producer Nick Robinson was fired from his position after the parent company investigated the allegation of sexual harassment against him. although no such proof surfaced except some DMs which shows him flirting with a girl.

But considering that he never defended himself and later publicly apologized for his action does mean that there may be more evidence against him.

As he got bailed it does mean that there was no strong evidence against him but now he will still be labeled as harasser just like GamerGate.

Campbell is currently out of the Jail and there has been no report against him which claims that he is guilty. but the police has said there will be further inquiries into the case in Mid-September.

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