How To Transfer Games From Xbox One To Xbox One X

Xbox one X

If you are a Xbox One owner and are planning to get a Xbox One X you might have thought about what would happen to your games of Xbox One?.

Some of you would just download it again because of the super fast uncapped internet. but not every Xbox owner has access to high-speed internet and even if you have a high-speed internet it could take hours or days depending on the size of your games library.

Fortunately, Microsoft has made transfers of both games and other settings from One to One X super easy. Xbox Official twitter account posted a small video from Xbox Gamescom where Mike Ybarra the corporate vice president of Xbox revealed the simple steps in which gamers can transfer games without any hassle.

First, all the games data and setting can be transferred to an external drive. during the initial setup of the One X you can just plug in the hard drive and all the previous settings will be applied automatically.

Microsoft will also be releasing several 4K patches and other changes for certain games. the patches will be released before the release of One X so that it can be downloaded in advance and when your new beast arrives you can just plug it and enjoy 4K graphics and smoother gameplay without any wait.

Lastly, if you don’t want to manually transfer through an external drive and neither want to redownload the game all over again. you can enable and inbuilt feature which will let you transfer the games, apps, and settings through a Home network.

Recently Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition was up for Pre-order at several online retailers like Amazon and Gamestop but was sold out quickly and is now out of stock. so if you want to get the standard edition be prepared when it goes live as it is expected that it will too get sold out pretty fast and just like Nintendo Switch may go out of stock for awhile.

Xbox One X is scheduled to launch on 7 November 2017 and is priced at $499. for more information you can visit the Official Website.

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