Hajime Tabata Teases Final Fantasy XV For Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy XV

During the GamesCom event Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata was doing a live Twitch Stream where he talked about the game and answered some question from the chat.

One of the Viewers from the stream asked him what are their plans for future? to which he replied that they cannot reveal more details for now but the development team is very much interested in bringing the game to switch.

We can’t give you any complete solid details right at moment but… We do want to move out and do as much as we can for with game and the Franchise.

There is another certain console out there people may be thinking of sounds a little bit like you guys your name Twitch I think we will just leave it there.

I mean every fan of Final Fantasy XV love this specific console which sounds a lot like Twitch so you may wanna think maybe something about that it in future.

Although he never mentioned the word Switch. but everybody would agree that he was talking about a possible Nintendo Switch port in future.

At the event Square Enix also announced that their game Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC via Steam and will be released in early 2018 with significant graphical enhancements.

The PC version will be playable at a native 4K resolution of 3840 X 2160 with High Dynamic Ranging 10. it will also come with the support of pushing graphical limits to 8K which was made possible thanks to Nvidia. check out more about it from the Steam Store Page.

Square Enix also announced a Pocket edition of FF XV for IOS and Windows smartphones it will have a completely different graphics and the characters will appear like Chibi version.

it will contain 10 episodes and players will be able to play it through the standard touch control. currently, it is scheduled to launch somewhere in late 2017.

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