YouTube Preemptively Removes Live Interview Of Inside GamerGate Author

Inside GamerGate

Author James Desborough recently released his new book titled Inside GamerGate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt. a book which explains the other side of GamerGate event which was never shown by media outlets.

Desborough was supposed to take a live interview to discuss the content of the book with Giovanna Laine a YouTube content creator with a channel named Liviana t’Charvanek where she mostly talks about social, political and economic matters.

But Youtube preemptively removed the scheduled Livestream even before it took place. the news came out when Laine revealed on Twitter that her account has received a community violation strike for a video which was not even up on Youtube. she received the strike 3 hours before the scheduled interview.

Liane suspects that this happened because several people reported the account and the upcoming Livestream and Youtube’s algorithm reviewed it and just served the strike.

According to the Screenshot from Liane her account received a community guideline strike and if her accounts get more strike in future it will get terminated

Inside GamerGate

Currently, her account status has dropped with one strike with a warning that if she gets three or more strike it will permanently disable her account.

Inside GamerGate

Liane said she has appealed for the unfair strike but till now hasn’t received any reply from YouTube Support.

Desborough’s say that his main objective for the writing the book was to present the side of the side story which was mispresented by the biased media and hence the GamerGate movement which was made to fight corruption was wrongly labeled as a Harassment campaign.

The interview is not going to happen at least for now but it is possible that Laine and Desborough may announce another interview in future on a different platform like Twitch. if you are interested in learning more about the GG event you can buy the Inside GamerGate book which is still available on Amazon.

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