Agents Of Mayhem Red Card Character Guide, Abilities, Core Upgrades

Red card
Red card Bio

In Agents Of Mayhem universe, Red card is an obsessed football fan and considers himself a number one fan of German soccer club FC Ruedesheim but when the legion started invading sporting event in his town. he turned himself into Agent Red Card.

His real name is Ingo Rotkapp and his former occupation was to be a Soccer Holligan.

The character has a high-risk high reward playstyle which can be quite difficult to manage but with a bit of practice, you can use him effectively.


Mayhem Ability – Anger Management – releases a shockwave around himself dealing massive damage and causing disruption to enemies who are hit with it.

Weapon Ability –¬† Assault Rifle and Shotgun Combo – he can use both assault rifle and shotgun effectively.

Special  Ability РSelf Destructive Рreleases an explosion around him damaging to nearby enemies.


Inner Calm – when Red card starts focusing it increases the rate of Special Ability charge up speed.

Over Share – Increases melee damage for the whole squad.

Aggravating Assault – increase the life steal per hit to enemies.

Protected From On High – Increases the shield reboot

Core Upgrades

Unsportsmanlike Conduct – he charges and dashes toward enemies damaging and staggering them.

The Best Defence – Mayhem ability damage is doubled.

Big Swing – increases the radius of melee attacks

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