Agents Of Mayhem Oni Character Guide, Abilities, Core Upgrades


In Agents Of Mayhem universe, Oni’s real name is Masamune Senichi and he is from Japan. he previously worked as a Yakuza Hitman.

He is the most feared criminal in the underworld. he takes his profession very seriously and would take any measures to protect the honor and tradition of his family. so when he came to know that the Yakuza was taking orders from the legion he killed them all with his own hands and joined Mayhem to destroy the Legions.

He is one of the highest skilled cap characters in the game. if you know how to use it properly you can own the game. his most notable thing is the silenced pistol and the Mayhem ability.


Special Ability – Fear Tactic – when Oni hits enemies it automatically applies critical damage and also makes the target panic.

Weapon – Silenced Pistol – he can use his silenced pistol to eliminate his enemies without alerting or giving away his position.

Mayhem Ability – Fear The Demon – activating this ability causes enemies nearby to panic and killing enemies increases the duration.


Hitman Oni’s presence in the squad increases weak point damage.

Kanabo Enhancement – increases the power of the special ability

Pure Demon – Increase the expansion amount of his aura

Unnerving Advance – increases the duration and effect of his special ability meaning more critical damage.

Core Upgrades

Fearmonger – killing enemies during his Mayhem ability increases the panic duration in other nearby enemies which extends the full duration of Mayhem.

Smoke Screen – he drops a smoke bomb which instantly reloads his weapon.

Unstoppable Force – when Oni focuses on his target its grants him more accuracy and also slows his enemies.

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