Hideo Kojima Finally Comments On His Relationship With Konami

Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is one of the most iconic personalities in the gaming industry. he has been termed as the master of Video Games he is a game designer, screenwriter, producer, and director. he has created numerous video games like the Metal Gear series, Castlevania, and Zone Of The Enders.

But things were not always pleasant for Kojima while working for Konami.

Kojima Vs Konami

It all started when Konami slowly began removing Konami’s name from the games he made but the public was quick to notice it and they had to quickly put his name back on Metal Gear and other games.

At the Games Award 2015 Metal Gear Solid 5 won the best action game and best soundtrack award. everybody thought as a creator Kojima will receive the award. but instead, it was accepted by Kiefer Sutherland the voice actor of Venom snake and Big Boss. Why didn’t Kojima attend the event?  it was later found that Konami had barred him from attending the event.

In 2016 Games Award Geoff Keighley revealed that during the development of Metal Gear Solid 5 Kojima was locked away in a different room on a different floor than his development team for six months. he wasn’t even allowed to talk to them and had to communicate with his team through someone else.

Even under such restrictive condition Kojima was able to produce an excellent game it was loved by gamers and critics praised it for its gameplay and storyline. by the end of December 2015, more than 6 Million copies of the game were shipped worldwide.

Hideo Kojima

Despite all the unfortunate event, he still views his past and his work at Konami differently

Recently during an interview with Toyokeizai a Japanese website Kojima said that he was grateful to Konami for everything. they[Konami] always allowed him to do whatever he wanted and because of them, he has become successful in the industry.

“What I’m grateful [To]Konami for is that when I proposed something I wanted to make, they let me make it,”

Kojima further said. “Conversely, I wasn’t bound by them saying, ‘You need to do it like this. It was like that from when I joined to the end. Because of that, I’m the person I am today.”

Hideo Kojima is now working in his own studio named Kojima Production with his own team. the first game of the studio will be Death Stranding which has already hyped up the gaming community.

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