Kotaku Writer Laura Kate Dale Harassed For Interviewing TotalBiscuit


On 16th August Kotaku Writer, Laura Kate Dale wrote an article on the issue of online harassment in Twitch. the article covers how it impacts streamers and viewers and what they can do about it.

To cover this topic she interviewed John Bain aka TotalBiscuit a popular gaming Youtuber and Twitch Streamer who has a massive following on both the streaming platform. But apparently, this was not liked by the SJWs and quickly framed Laura as a supporter of GamerGate.

This began when Feminist Frequency a feminist organization founded by Anita Sarkessian tweeted out about it. according to the Feminist group, Kotaku was giving a hate mongers a platform to speak on GamerGate anniversary which is both careless and disgraceful for them.

Why is it called GamerGate anniversary? apparently, on 16 August 2014, the infamous blog from Zoe Quinn’s ex was posted on the internet which exposed the unethical Journalism going on in the gaming industry.

The article from Kotaku quickly spread like a wild fire and people were angry and disappointed. both Laura and TotalBiscuit started receiving hate messages.

Laura posted a series of tweets trying to reason out with the online Mob

“TB is an undeniably large creator. Whether you like him or not there’s value in looking at his methods of community moderation. there are things he does that Twitch and YT could learn from and improve things for beginner creators.”

“You don’t have to like TB to acknowledge that there are things we can learn from his comment moderation methods.”

But the more she tried reasoning with people the more hate she received. people called her Nazi and Pro GG and demanded to take down the article for Kotaku.

She begged people not to harass anyone and also mentioned that she can’t remove the article from Kotaku as it is not within her power to do so.

But the hate messages got more intense and Laura had to temporarily leave Twitter.

The Harassment forced TotalBiscuit to speak out. he posted multiple tweets directed toward Anita Sarkessian were he said that Laura is being doxed and harassed just because of her.

“Alright Anita, I’ve ignored you for 3 years and your fade to obscurity is delayed by me acknowledging your existence, but you’re a hack. Anyone who tells people NOT to read an anti-harassment article with advice on how to combat harassment, is not anti-harassment.”

“As if we didn’t already know. Anita is interested in one thing, milking as much from this industry as possible intellectual dishonesty. She along with her allies have poisoned reasonable discourse for years on the topic of representation in games. at femfreq supports harassment.”

“So come at me. You stand shoulder to shoulder with 4chan trolls and bigots in attacking the loud, sane voice in the room. You cannot win.”

“When you and your cronies attacked a transgender journalist for trying to combat harassment, you revealed you are only in it for yourself.”

Both Anita and TotalBiscuit have been a controversial figure in the gaming community. some love them some hate them.

During the recent Vidcon Anita Sarkessian publicly harassed Sargon Of Akkad and called him a Human Garbage. but the Vidcon organizer did not do anything about it. but instead apologized to Anita for making the environment in the event unfriendly.

TotalBiscuit also recently got involved in a controversy while attending a convention he was on the panel. during a QnA session, a troll asked “Are Traps Gays?” both Jesse Cox and TB were not pleased with the troll question and had the man thrown out of the event.

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