Dreadful A Horror Game With Realistic Psychological Mechanics


Developer and Publisher GreenEye Games will be coming up with a new horror game titled Dreadful. it is a first person survival horror game set in a haunted house. the developer describes the game as psychological horror meant to create a constant fear out of nothing.

when developing the game we thought about every move that the player can make to feel safe ,it’s a Psychological thing and normal human reaction when he faces fear .Dreadful is not the typical jump-scare game we see these days ,it is more like creating fear in your head while you’re checking this room or turning your head to that noise. We believe that your imagination is a weak spot.


Players in the game will play as David Hill the protagonist of the game. he is a journalist for a local newspaper who is investigating a haunted house. two weeks ago worried neighbors called police after newspaper and milk were piling up the doorstep of Sergeant Smith.

Police broke into the house and found the whole family dead. the police report said that Sergeant Smith has shot his wife Mary and his children Chris and Rebecca after killing them he shot himself. the reason behind this is still unknown and since then the house is known as the Carnage house.

After the tragic incident several people reported of hearing the loud noise from the house but whenever the police checked it they found no one.

The in-game environment is interactable you can check and inspect any object you want. some object will have clue to the various puzzle which the players have to solve to progress.

The game mechanics are based on realistic psychological conditions. there are two main things which players must control one is the breath and the other is fear. the entity roaming in the house can sense fear and hear your breathing if you are unable to control it its game over.

Another thing which players must keep an eye one is the Stress level if it rises too much David will die of heart attack.

The game is being made in Unity 5 so you can expect neat realistic graphics with quality textures, lighting, and high quality sounds to create a horror atmosphere.

Dreadful is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access on 8th September 2017 and will be available for PC. for more information you can visit the Official Website or the Steam Page.

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