Songbringer, A Sci-Fi Pixelated Zelda Game Coming In September 2017


Developer and Publisher Wizard Fu Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming game Songbringer. it is a pixelated game with RPG elements, exploration and lots of sword fights with badass bosses.

In the game, players will take the role of Roq Epimetheos the protagonist of the game he is an intergalactic surveyor cruising on a spaceship called Songbringer. during a routine search in the galaxy for absent planets, something happens and he suddenly finds himself shirtless in a mysterious planet, his hover bike is broken and all his stuff is gone. the only thing left with him is his robot companion Jib.

Trying to figure out the strange planet he enters the Ekzera caves he grabs a nano sword lying there and unwittingly awakens an ancient evil of that planet.

The levels in the games are procedurally generated. the planet itself is created in a 6 letter world seed which can be used to generate a particular world, dungeons and other secret location. this seed can be shared with your friends so you can each challenge each other for international leaderboards score.

Apart from being procedurally generated the levels will also be open and nonlinear where players can explore each and every corner of the planet for items, secrets and much more.

It will come with 9 dungeons in each world. some of them will have tricky puzzles, some will have side quests which will grant you new abilities on completion and some will only have blood thirsty mob and bosses.

The environment of the game has a Cacti and eating it causes Roq to gain psychedelic powers enabling him to see every secret around him.

The game also has some pretty good RPG system. the robot Jib can scan bodies of fallen enemies uncovering hidden loots and items. you can combine different items together to make a completely new item for example Ghost Sword + Lighting Cube = Lighting Sword. One good thing about Jib is it can be played by a second player via local Co-op mode.

Songbringer is currently scheduled to launch on 1 September 2017 for PC and Xbox One and on 5 September 2017 for PS4. For more information, you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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