Sargon Of Akkad Permanently Banned From Twitter

Sargon of Akkad

Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad has now been permanently banned from Twitter. the reason behind the ban has not provided to Sargon but he did receive a notice from twitter which stated that he has violated the rules and will not be given any chance to appeal and hence he is now perma banned from his main account.

The news about Sargon suspension first come out on Youtube on 10 August where Sargon explains that on 9th August his account got suspended for an unknown reason.

The news of ban quickly spread around and everybody wanted to know why he was banned.

On 14 August 2017, Sargon posted a new video where he revealed that he is now permanently banned from Twitter and also said that not only he received a permanent ban on the main account but also got a one-week suspension on his alternate account and both the account got the penalty on the same day.

Later on 14th August he posted about his ban on Facebook and said “Who Is The Victim Here”

People were angry and upset about Sargon being banned from twitter and demanded a proper explanation and the reason behind it.

Sargon has been suspended before in early 2017 because he tweeted some offensive content towards other Twitter users the ban was temporary and so he was able to get back on Twitter in no time. but it seems like this time the social media giant won’t be given him another chance.

Sargon Of Akkad has always been one of the most controversial YouTubers around who don’t care if people find his video offensive but has presented his arguments with proper facts.

In his early days of Youtube, he mainly covered stories on GamerGate and Feminism which made him popular. he has been portrayed as an alt right by Major news publication site. but he claims himself to be a classical liberal.

Although his main account on twitter has been banned it is highly possible that he will return with a new account. he is currently active on both Youtube and Facebook.

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