Psychic Isolation, An Episodic Narrative Horror Game

Psychic Isolation

Developer and Publisher Thiefbug will be soon releasing its new game titled Psychic Isolation. it is an indie psychological horror game which entered Steam Greenlight in 2016 and was loved by the community the game was able to get greenlit within 9 Days and soon entered Early Access.

Players will be taking the role of Finn the protagonist of the game. he arrives at his home country Germany after taking a long vacation in Spain. after pushing his way out from crowded airport he arrives in the train station to take a ride home. but for some reason, the train never came.

Fortunately, he finds a group of people going in the same direction and he hitch hike with them. they drop him in a bus stop near his home. he starts walking towards his house and notices that his parent never called him. he finally arrives at the door of his house and so they his nightmare begins.

In the game, you will be walking inside the house searching for letters and clues which your family has left for you. each letter will explain the event which has taken place in your absence and will be constructing a story through it.

This concept may look like similar to The Slenderman game but it’s better because it is unveiling a whole storyline about the mysterious event and the disappearance of the family.

While searching for clues you will have to hide from your loved ones who are some reason trying to kill you. you will find out their hidden emotion, the experience they encountered when you were gone and the reason why they are trying to kill their own family member.

One of the features of the game is that it has a mode which can disable all the jump scares and horror moments so people who want to play it but do not want to be scared to death can easily enjoy it.

Psychic Isolation will be released on 15 August 2017 for PC. you can even download a playable demo from the Official Website for more information you can visit the Steam Store Page.

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