X-Morph: Defense A Perfect Fusion Of Shooter And Tower Defense

 X-Morph: Defense

Developer and Publisher Exor Studios will be coming up with its new game titled X-Morph: Defense. it is a strategy game with a combination of both shooter and tower defense mechanism.

In the game, you will be playing as X Morph an alien species that invades earth to take over its resources and terraform surface kinda like the Superman movie The Man Of Steel where General Zod is taking over earth resources to recreate Krypton. But in X Morph you are not SuperMan instead you are General Zod.

You can watch the trailer below which shows large scale environmental destruction and a wide variety of enemies including Human Mecha warriors.

In the game, humans would attack your harvester and you have to protect it all cost. each level will let you setup your own defense against them. there is no time limit so you can customize your defense system whenever you want.

One of the features of the game is that the waves are preceded meaning that you would be able to check what type of enemies you will be facing in a particular a wave.

Players will be in full control on a given battlefield you can create defense towers anywhere you want. you can create a normal defense or a complex maze of towers to protect your harvester. some types of towers you would find in the game are

  • Flame Tower – is very effective against fast moving enemy ground units.
  • Artillery Tower – it is best against large but slow moving enemy units
  • Anti air laser – it is ideal for heavy enemy bomber aircraft.

Apart from the tower defense players will also be controlling an X-Morph Fighter which can directly fight enemies. the fighter has a large variety of weapons and comes with 4 types of morph to adapt to any enemy types.

  • Plasma Fighter – Best at fighting both air and ground units
  • Dark Matter Bomber – Good against a group of enemies. it can slow down time and even release a dark matter bomb which can destroy buildings around.
  • Shredder Fighter – Good against clearing a large number of air units.
  • Laser Destroyer – Best at destroying heavy single units. it can also create a gravitational anomaly to suck up small enemies inside it.

The game features a Co-op Split Screen. in this mode, enemies will attack from all direction and teamwork with your partner is essential to winning.

X-Morph: Defense can be played in 4K so that’s a plus point. the game will be releasing on 30 August 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. for more information, you can visit Steam Page or the Official Website.

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