How Skilled Is Elon Musk’s Open A.I Dota 2 Bot, What Can It Do?

Open A.I

Elon Musk backed startup Open A.I made a special presentation at the Valve’s Dota 2 The International 7 tournament. the team from the startup displayed a self-learned artificial intelligence which was capable of defeating the Pros of the game.

The Bot was matched against numerous caster and Pro players but none of them could defeat it.

So now the question arises how good is the Bot? most of the players who have seen the Bot in action would agree that the Bot is certainly Very Highly Skilled. if it was able to defeat Artzeey a 10K MMR player than its safe to say an average player would get destroyed by it.

The Official Open A.i Blog has an unlisted video which describes what the Bot is currently capable of doing. Most of them are explained below

  • Last Hit – It can last hit creeps easily even under pressure and under the tower to earn extra gold.
  • Creep Aggro – it is capable of performing Creep Aggro which is basically attacking enemy heroes to draw creeps toward you to get a better position.
  • Creep Block – It can creep block perfectly a technique to slow down creep wave for better positioning. even Pros sometimes miss the creep block.
  • Zoning – it can prevent opponents from getting last hit and experience by being aggressive on them.
  • Dodging – It can dodge spells by judging the spells speed and animation.
  • Faking – It can fake cast meaning it will complete only a part of a spell animation tricking enemy and forcing them to play carefully.
  • Chasing – Unlike Valve’s Bot, Open A.I’s Bot will chase you if it thinks it can win. it will continue chasing you even if you disappear in the fog of war.
  • Adapting – The most important features the Bot has that it can self-adapt to any new situation.

Greg Brockman the co founder of Open A.I explains in the video below how the Bot was able to achieve such an incredible feat and their next future goal is to create a team of 5 A.I which will compete against a full team of Pros.

It is currently Unknown if the Open A.I Dota 2 Bot would be released for public or not but in future, we will surely see the Bot in action.

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