Conan Exiles Xbox Port Censored For US Region, Full Nudity Available For EU Region

Conan Exiles

Developer and Publisher Funcom’s game Conan Exiles is available on PC and will be soon releasing its Xbox One port. But both NA Region and EU Region of the game will have differences when its comes to Nudity.

Funcom recently did a first live stream of the game running on Xbox One which was hosted by Yams Atit the community manager and Joel Bylos the creative director of the game. during the gameplay, they revealed some of the features of the game.

At 24th minute into the video, Atit said that the NA Region will have partial nudity but EU will have full frontal nudity. the reason behind it was that the Xbox version has some strict rating for the game.

The Eu version has Pegi 18 rating which approves nudity. but the NA version has ESRB M rating where M stands for mature so they can only include partial nudity. they could have included full nudity for NA but it would have made the game receive a greater restrictive rating which would have prevented a broader release of the game in NA.

The Xbox version of Conan Exiles will also be receiving a new free expansion called The Frozen North. it is a free update so it will available for both PC and Xbox One. the Frozen North will have a new environment to explore, new features and will come with a lot of improvement in the game.

Some of the features available in Frozen North Update.

  • New weather and temperature – the new location will have harsh rain and snow which can freeze you to death camp fires, torches, and food will help you control your temperature.
  • New Resources – the new update will come with new resources like Black ice, Star metal and more.
  • New Religion – in the north you only workship to Ymir, the Lord of Storm and War you can summon his avatar and use its giant axe to crush your enemies.
  • New Enemies – you would be fighting Hungry Wolves, Forest Giants, and even bigger Mammoths and it will have new dungeon bosses like Tyros the Deathbringer.

Conan Exiles’s game preview will be arriving on Xbox One on 16 August 2017. for more information, you can visit the Steam Page or the official website.

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