Polygon Fires Nick Robinson For Flirting With Girls On Social Media

Nick Robinson

Polygon has fired Nick Robinson who worked as a video producer at the company. he was recently suspended from his position after many people claimed to be sexually harassed by him.

The news comes out from Polygon’s Editor in chief Chris Grant who announced that the Robinson has been removed from the company.

Robinson was a regular Twitter user but after the allegation against him, he didn’t tweet anything. now after being fired he posted a lengthy apology to his audience and the people he harassed.

Recently Direct Messages of Robinson surfaced on the internet and although it did not show any type of sexual harassment it did reveal him flirting with girls.

Many people asked for the evidence against him but nothing come out. apparently, those who were asking for proof were getting blocked by Grant.

Grant previously said on Twitter that the parent company Vox Media is conducting an investigation on the allegation by people toward Robinson. and as he has not tried to defend himself it highly possible that Polygon has more than just the DMs which surfaced on the internet.

The whole incident started when Robinson tweeted insulting remark on Overcooked just because a Dev of the game asked for his cooperation in improving the game. his response was not liked by many people and thing escalated when the victims came out with the allegation of him harassing women on social media.

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