Inside Gamergate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt Book Now on Amazon

Inside Gamergate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt

Inside Gamergate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt is a new book which covers the most famous and controversial event to ever occur in the gaming industry the Gamergate movement.

The author of the book is James Desborough who was within the Gamergate event and has witnessed everything happen. his main motive to write the book was to present the side of the story which media and other publication site did not show and will never show.

Desborough says that he worries and fear that in future if anyone looks into the event they will only find one sided story shown by a biased media.

He further says that as a historian and someone who cares about the truth he wants to portray the other side for all people who still only have seen half the side of the events. in the description of the book on Amazon he says…

I think I’m uniquely positioned to give an interesting take on what happened. I know the history, I can properly contextualise it within a timeline of other moral panics and responses. I participated in Gamergate. I’ve seen the aftermath of it. I’ve seen how it influenced things and how it fits into the broader culture war that has characterised the twenty-teens. I’ve been targeted by its enemies, who like to portray themselves as good people, and are anything but.

Brief Preview Of What Happened During the Event

If you have followed both the side of the controversial event you would know that Gamergate started because of wrong ethics in gaming journalism. but as the topic began to heat up more people started to get involved in it. many trolls taking advantage of the situation harassed many men and especially women in the gaming industry with hate messages and death threats.

Both ProGG and AntiGG were receiving harassment but media only covered the Anti Gamergate side and portrayed it as a harassment campaign against women.

Even FBI got involved in the case and in 2016 it released a report in public under the Freedom of Information Act. the document contained 152 pages with details of the events which revealed that there is no evidence of Gamergate being a harassment campaign and yet it is still seen as a hate movement.

You can purchase the Inside Gamergate: A Social History Of The Gamer Revolt from Amazon now. if want to read I would suggest you buy it now. as you never know if will remain or get removed just because some doesn’t like it.

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