Polygon’s Nick Robinson Harrasment Messages Comes Out

Nick Robinson

Polygon recently suspended their video producer Nick Robinson after sexual harassment allegation. Christ Grant the editor in chief of Polygon said on twitter that an investigating on the situation will be conducted by the parent company Vox Media.

But as the topic has began blown up more new details have come out on the situation.

Nick Monroe a freelance journalist who has worked at game publication sites like Theescapist Mag and Gameranx revealed through his twitter account some of the DMs between Robinson and a person with twitter name Madeline who claims to be one of the victims of his harassment.

He further showed some more tweets and allegation from the Madeline

After revealing the DMs on twitter Madeline has turned off her account for some reason which is still not known yet.

But other Twitter users who are following the story and saw the DMs do not feel that the messages in any way contained any type of harassment and it just shows a guy who is flirting with a girl.

No other victims have come out in public with a proof of the allegation against Robinson and till now there has been no report from either Polygon or Vox media about the situation.

If all the so called victims are claiming sexual harassment over flirting messages than it is a serious issue because he could have lost his job.

Robinson was very active on twitter but since the case, he has not tweeted anything. as Polygon has not reported anything yet it is safe to assume that the investigation is still going on and only their report will decide the future of Robinson at the company.

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