Nick Robinson Suspended From Polygon After Sexual Allegation

Nick Robinson

Polygon’s video producer Nick Robinson has been suspended from his position after sexual harassment allegation.

The news was announced by Polygon’s editor in chief Chris Grant who posted on twitter that Robinson has been suspended pending a thorough investigation from its parent company Vox Media.

The whole incident started when Nick Robinson tweeted out some demeaning statements towards Overcooked‘s dev.

He first gave tweeted out an article written by Polygon which stated that Overcooked’s Nintendo Switch version has some major Frame rate issues.

So one of the devs emailed Robinson asking about some of the details of the issue which they faced during testing the game. but instead of helping, he screenshotted the email and posted it on twitter and with insults.

This started a whole new trouble for Robinson and some new allegations started appearing against him.

More collection of tweets against can be found at Neogaf post by user Bowlie.

The situation escalated so quickly that Polygon could not ignore the accusations made about one of their employees and decided to suspend him.

The news made several people happy and praised Polygon for its swift decision

This is not the first time for Robinson to be involved a controversy he had earlier tweeted that people pleasured themselves by watching Krystal from Star Fox Adventures. this somehow triggered Anita Sarkessian and she tweeted that nobody feels that way and linked her video Damsel in Distress video. the feminist frequency tweeted out some series of angry responses which find at Knowyourmeme.

No evidence report has been reported till now which will prove the accusation towards Robinson. so we will have to wait for an Official report by either Polygon or Voxmedia.

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