Zetaboard Creator Responds To Capcom’s DMCA Notice On Street Fighter 5 Paid Mods

Street Fighter 5

As reported earlier Capcom has sent two notable modders have received DMCA notices for Street Fighter 5 paid mods. it was sent through Patreon which stated that they will be taking down their Patreon Account because the Paid mods are created by copyrighted materials owned by Capcom itself.

Later the two modders Khaledantar666 and BrutalAce were also banned from Zetaboard a website with a dedicated modding community of which they both were part of for many years.

BrutalAce in his parting message said he will continue modding but won’t be releasing it as the community for whom he worked for several years is now insulting him.

Further, in his message, he said that he and Khaledantar666 have been banned from ZetaBoard by an admin who has remained inactive for years but now he comes and without any discussion just bans them.

Zetaboard Response

To this Zetaboard admin who goes by name SSMThrowaway on Reddit shared his views on the situation and said that he is the original creator of the forum and he created it because earlier he was a member at Shoryuken a website for fighting games community. but later the admin of Shoryuken started banning any discussion on Street Fighter 5 mods.

So he decided to create his own mod forum where anyone can share any mods and have discussions over it. he further added in his statement that the site was never meant to a platform for paid mods and keeping mods behind a paywall is just wrong.

I do not support the idea of paid mods, not directly paid mods (like the stuff Steam tried to sell us a while back) and not this sort of Patreon-locked shit either. Mods should always be free, not just because of the legality of it, but because it’s a serious dick move to charge for them period.

You can check out his complete statement on the Reddit post. In the similar post, you will also find BrutalAce giving his views.

Both Khaledantar666 and BrutalAce receiving DMCA can be seen as Capcom cracking down modders who are violating copyright law and soon more Patreon accounts may be taken down.

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