Transformers: Lost Light Comic Adds Two Trans Women Autobots

Transformers: Lost Light Comic

IDW Publishing an American company which produces Comic books, art books, and graphic novel has introduced Transgenders in the Transformers: Lost Light Comic issue number 8.

The two new trans women Autobots are Anode and Lug and according to Bleeding Cool the art is created by Priscilla Tramontano and Joana Lafuente and written by James Roberts and Jack Lawrence.

Anode and Lug are not new characters in Transformer series they both have appeared before in the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family. like all Transformers, they were also assigned as Male.

But after Primal Vanguard few Transformers reclassified themselves as “She”. Anode first got confused by this. but when she left Cybertron and discovered new planets with new races she understood that they were limiting themselves and so both the couple reclassified themselves from “He” to “She” with new built Chassis with feminine form.

The Transwomen talk is featured in 3 pages where Anode expresses other Autobots that she and Lug are no longer “He” but are a She”.

Transformers: Lost Light Comic

Transformers: Lost Light Comic

Transformers: Lost Light Comic

The transformer originated as a toy and was generally perceived as a thing for boys. but as the Transformers franchise developed with more new cartoons, comics, and movies. slowly female characters emerged like the most popular one Acree, Chromia, Moonracer, and now IDW has also introduced Transgenders to the robot franchise.

IDW Publishing has now also partnered with Sega for the Sonic Comics which will be coming starting next year. so we may soon see Transgender characters in Sonic too.

You can purchase the Transformers: Lost Light Comic digital print for $3.99 from IDW Website.

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