Capcom Issues DMCA To Modders For Paid Street Fighter 5 Mod

Street Fighter 5

Developer and Publisher Capcom’s game Street Fighter 5 is one of the most popular SF game. one of the reasons for its popularity is that you can Mod the characters like changing the costumes, hairs and even body structure.

Capcom has allowed the modding in its game but what they don’t allow is the keeping the mods behind a paywall or in simple words, you cannot sell mods created from copyrighted materials.

According to Eventhubs report, Capcom has sent two notable Modders Khaledantar666 andĀ BrutalAceĀ  DMCA notice through Patreon against some of their Paid mods contents which are created from copyrighted materials due to which they have to stop their service on Patreon.

If you go Khaledantar666 Patreon page you will behind its completely blank but he did post a message for his fans and followers where he said the following.

Hi Guys

A very sad i just received from patreon a DMCA takedown notice issued by capcom itself saying that patreon will take down my creator page within 48 hours. my bro BrutalAce received the same DMCA notice as well( i sent them a counter-notice but it’s very unlikely it’s going to work.)

THE DMCA notice was issued because Capcom is stating we (modders) are using copyrighted materials to make our mods and earn something from our work…

This might be the end of Patreon for me but i will continue modding no matter what, all your submitted requests will be conducted like nothing happened

BrutalAce also posted a message on his Patreon page where he stated that he will quit releasing his mods for an unknown amount of time. he further said in his message that due to the incident there were several lies and misconception being spread around. he tried to reason with other people on Reddit but only received insult and hate.

Further, in his statement, he revealed that both him and Khaledantar666 have been banned from Zeta boards for indefinite amount of time

Another reason why I am taking this drastic step is because I also got banned from Zetaboards by a so called admin who remained inactive for years with nothing done for the community and now he came out of nowhere and banned me and Khaled for creating “Paid” mods.
That idiot didn’t even bothered discussing with us about what’s going on or what’s our side of the story, when we were the ones who contributed to his modding group for years, easy way to earn cheap respect I say.

Both Khaledantar666 and BrutalAce are excellent modders and with them being banned it will be surely a loss for the Street Fighter 5 modding community. you can check out their respective work below:

There are other Modders who do the same so it is probably the beginning of Capcom cracking down people who are violating the copyright law and so we may see more DMCA notices in future.

Capcom has made it clear now that Selling mods with copyrighted material will be taken down but it is still unknown if receiving support through donations without putting the Street Fighter 5 mods behind a paywall is legal or not.

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