Redeemer Violence Awakened Brings Gory Brutality To Steam

Redeemer Violence Awakened

Developer Sobaka Studios and Publisher Gambitious Digital have released their new game titled Redeemer Violence Awakened. the game is an action brawler game featuring intense gameplay filled with gory punches, kicks, and weapons.

In the game, players will take the role of a character named Vasily who once worked as an elite operative for a cybernetics weapon manufacturing company. as a specialist, he performed numerous infiltrations, extortions, assassinations and even torture all for the company. but later the company decided to turn him into cyborg soldier finding this truth he escaped and became a monk in far away snowy mountains.

20 years later the company has tracked him and now his peaceful life with other monks is threatened. but taking the situation as an opportunity from fate to redeem himself from his past crime he ventures out to destroy them.

The game has brutal and gory combat system you can use your hand to hand combat to beat your enemies to plump or use weapons like axe, swords, hammer, knives, guns and more.

You can use three different type of kill system sneak behind enemies undetected to perform stealthy kills, use the environment around to crush your enemies, impale them or just set them on fire. if this style doesn’t interest you can just go old school and beat your enemy down to perform savage execution kills.

Other game mechanics include a parry system which can be used to defend yourself from attacks if you perform a well-timed the block and a Disarm or Dismember system which comes with unique moves to either disarm their weapons or just dismember their arm and use it as a weapon.

The game will be coming with a story mode where players can experiences Vasily past and his journey to redemption.

Redeemer Violence Awakened is currently available on Steam for $15.99 but currently, there is a special discount of 15% till 8 August 2017. so if you wanna play it now is a good chance to save some bucks. for more information, you visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.

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