Lawbreaker’s Director Says Uncharted Is Not Profitable, Naughty Dog’s Responds


Developer Naughty Dog and Publisher Sony Interactive upcoming game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be soon releasing after few weeks and although it does not have Nathan Drake people are still excited to play the game as Chloe Frazer.

As it is the next Uncharted game it is expected that it will perform well in the market like its predecessor. but one celebrity from video game industry does not think that Uncharted is profitable for Sony or Naughty Dogs.

Cliff Bleszinski also known as the Cliffy B has been in the gaming industry more than 2 decades now and has worked on some iconic games such as Gears Of Wars and Unreal Tournament. he is one of the few developers who took VR seriously. he is also the CEO of Bosskey Studio and the first game from the game is Lawbreaker.

In a recent talk with TechRadar Bleszinski gave his views about the struggle in VR industry and the problem which are currently most of the VR developers facing. he stated that there is a lack of support from platform holder which is hindering the progress. he further also said the following

“A game like Uncharted is not really feasible to be profitable. It’s because Sony owns Naughty Dog and they’re willing to pump an infinite amount of money into that to sell PlayStations to sell their other games. It’s called a loss-leader.

“So Facebook and Valve, HTC, and all the platform holders, they need to cough up money to get real games.”

Well, his statement on the game was surprising but Neil Druckman the creative director from Naughty Dog’s gave an answer to him.

When asked by fans if he has any reports on his statement Bleszinski said that it was just his speculation.

It hard to believe that Uncharted series is running at a loss because it has been one of the most successful game franchise. taking a look back in history Uncharted 2 become a top selling game just after a month from its release and until December 2011 it has sold more than 6 million copies.

When Uncharted 3 released the series had sold over 13 million copies. by 2012 the series had sold more than 17 million copies which reached 21 million in 2015 and even before the release of Uncharted 4 it crossed 28 million.

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