Xbox One X Not Powerful Enough To Run Killing Floor 2 At 4K

Killing Floor 2

Developer and Publisher Tripware interactive zombie mayhem game Killing Floor 2 will be finally arriving on Xbox One and Xbox One X next month on 29 September 2017.

As previously announced the Xbox port of the game will receive plenty of timed exclusive bonus content and another good news was that it will come with added 4K support for Xbox One X which the PS4 Pro does not offer. but it turns out even Xbox One X won’t be able to run the game at 4K.

During an interview with WCCFTech, the senior graphics programmer of the game Dave Elder said that they tried running the game on 4K but experienced significant frame rate drops. currently, they don’t have specific of what frame rate One X will deliver but it would be higher than Xbox One.

Killing Floor 2 runs at native 1800p, fixed resolution (no checkerboarding) on Xbox One X. We did experiment with true 4k rendering, but the frame rate drop was a bit too significant. 1800p provides the optimal balance between visual quality and performance in Killing Floor 2.

We don’t have a specific frame rate target for XBox One X, although the game does run at higher frame rates than the base Xbox One, even at 1800p resolution. We will be using Ultra textures on Xbox One X. We are also increasing the resolution of our shadow maps and shadow draw distance.

Although both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X can run the game at 1800p. but there are still graphical differences between them. Pro would run the game at 1800p but to achieve it. it will be using checkerboard rendering whereas One X will run it at native 1800p.

It was surprising that even with a beefy specification One X can’t run the game at 4K. it could become a serious issue later as the Xbox One X was released as the most powerful home console and if it can’t provide significant difference in performance even with superior hardware then it can’t justify the $100 differences and its hardware superiority won’t even matter.

Killing Floor will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X on 29 September 2017. if you want to hop into the game right now you can play it on PC and PS4. for more information you can visit the Steam Page and Official Website.

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