Granblue Fantasy Artwork Censorship Receives Backlash From Fans

Granblue Fantasy

Developer Cygames and Publisher Mobage’s have released a new character named Izmir for their game Granblue Fantasy but it turns out that the Japanese version of the game is different from the English version. Izmir the female character in the game has received a small censorship to her clothing which now reveals less skin.

Below is the difference between them

Granblue Fantasy

The game is made in Japan and has not been officially released for the western region. but as the game already has a high number of Western gamers playing it the devs just added an English language option to it which has now received a minor censorship.

But many fans of the game were not happy about the changes due to which Granblue received backlash from its community on its Twitter account.

Currently, only Izmir has received the censorship hammer but in the game, there are several other characters which have more racy outfits. so expect that more characters will receive censorship in the English Language.

One thing to note is that during the gameplay Izmir sprite still retains her Japanese outfit so it’s only the Artworks which has been censored for now.

As mentioned by Censored Gaming in its video Cygames have previously developed Shadow Verse which also received some changes to outfits before it was released for the western audience.

No comments have been made by Cygames about the changes till now.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Android and IOS. for more information you can visit the Official Website.

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