Origin Space Action RPG Space Fighter Game Coming To Steam In 2017

Origin Space

Indie Developer and Publisher Rimware have announced a new game named Origin Space. the game is an action RPG game where players can control a spaceship to fight against hordes of alien spaceships trying to harm human colonies.

The story of the game is set in future where humans as a society have highly advanced into the field of technology. their whole lives now surround around Artificial Intelligence making an impact in every way possible. due to the A.I they were able to invent interdimensional drives also known as hyperdrives. this opened large opportunities for humans to expand their colonies to far reaches of the galaxy.

But the dispersed colonies are now under attack of an unknown threat and to protect it you have to take control of a spaceship and eliminate of the war mongers. you can check out the trailer below from Steam Trailer’s YouTube Channel.

There will be different classes of spaceship and each class will come with unique abilities and upgrades

Players in the game can use equip different types of abilities. some of the offensive and defensive abilities you find are

  • The Force Missile made up of pure force when a targeted enemy is hit by the missile it deals 280% weapon damage and also knocks back any enemies within 100 meters.
  • Gap Jump instantly teleports your spaceship 2000 away from original position
  • Raycaster fires a beam plasma which deals 280% as fire weapon damage to any enemies it touches.

Destroying enemies drops loots which can be collected and can be used to purchase more upgrades for your spaceship.

The game is made with Unreal Engine so you can expect quality graphics and gameplay. you can even explore the galaxy and different planets in it.

It also has a story mode which you can complete alone or team up with three more friends to play the Co-op missions.

Origin Space does not have a fixed release date but it will come somewhere in October 2017 for PC. for more information you can visit the Official Website or Steam Page.

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