No Heroes Allowed! VR Release Date Revealed With Bonus PSN Avatars


No Heroes Allowed! VR

Developer Acquire Studio Japan and Publisher Sony Interactive have revealed the release date for their upcoming VR game No Heroes Allowed! VR. According to the Japan PlayStation Blog, the game will be arriving in Japan first on 14 October 2014 and will cost 4900 Yen for physical version and 5292 for the digital version.

Sadly there is still no release date for the Western and European region but it is expected to come later in 2017.

Sony is also giving new PSN Avatars which can be received by purchasing the game from any retailer any time. you can check out some of the sample avatars below

No Heroes Allowed! VR No Heroes Allowed! VR No Heroes Allowed! VR No Heroes Allowed! VR No Heroes Allowed! VR

The game will be a real time strategy game played in diorama-like view and players will play as a God Of Destruction who will be guided by the evil overlord Badman and her daughter Badmella to conquer the world of humans. you would be able to breed different kind of monsters to create your own army and you can also fuse them together to create a higher level monster like the Wookieman.

But it won’t be so easy as the towns in the game will be defended by different kinds of human armies lead by various new heroes which you would have to defeat and vanquish them in order to complete your world domination mission.

Players will have a virtual controller in the game which is known as Netherworld Exterimator Zupreme or Nez quite a quirky name for a weapon. you would be controlling all the action through it.

The controller in the game will have a counter in the center to let you see the amount of Dragon Orb you have collected. the dragon orb can be used to unleash a variety of G.O.D skills some of the G.O.D skills are

  • G.O.D skill the first: Demonic Charge which can be used to charge your army toward the hero base and destroy it.
  • G.O.D skill the second: Bolt From The Blue can be used to strike your opponents with a lighting which does massive damage.

No Heroes Allowed! VR will be releasing first in Japan on 14 October 2014 and would be available for PSVR. for more information you can visit the PlayStation Website.

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