Modder Revives Alien Isolation VR Mod With A New Unofficial Patch

Alien Isolation VR

A lot of gamers now might have forgotten Alien Isolation a survival horror game which was Developed by Creative Assembly and Published by Sega almost 3 years ago. but if you haven’t then you may remember that the game initially also had a VR mode in it.

Although during release it was removed and was never further developed because Sega was not satisfied with its performance in the market. the game still contained the VR dev kit after its release which was, of course, inaccessible and hidden.

A certain fan of the game who happened to be a Modder was able to access the files thanks to tools present in Oculus SDK Development Kit and is now committed to bring back the Alien Isolation VR for the public.

The mode is being developed by Zack Fannon who goes by the user name Nibre on Reddit. in a post on Reddit, he announced the alpha release of VR mod. it is playable but as Fannon said it is still unfinished work and the users may encounter many issues with it.

Some of the issues currently known are that there is no snap turning meaning you won’t be able to quickly turn and it currently supports only smooth turning. the interactive objects appear closer to players which make it difficult to focus on them. head locked aiming which restricts some movements and more which you can read at the post on Reddit.

One particular issue which Fannon warn to the users is that the Mod is made for seated gameplay. as the room scale does not work right now playing it while standing can create nausea feeling so do it at your own risk.

The mod is currently playable on Oculus and Vibe support will arrive soon. users can play it currently with an Xbox controller or with keyboard and mouse.

Alien Isolation VR Mod can be downloaded from Github but you will need the official game to run it which is currently available on PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. for more information about the game you can visit the Steam Page or the official Website.

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