River City Ransom: Underground Returns To Steam But Dev’s YouTube Account Gets Terminated

River City Ransom: Underground

Developer and Publisher Conatus Creative’s latest game River City Ransom: Underground was taken down from Steam by Valve because of a DMCA filed by Alex Mauer who was part of the team hired to compose the music for the game.

Mauer accusation was that devs of the game have violated copyright law by using her music without her permission. she also said that Contanus have only received signatures from Disaterpiece who is one of the composer of the music which does not fully gives them the rights to the music.

But Contanus has managed to prove that the allegation and the DCMA against them are wrong. they have worked out the legal issues around the copyright claim and have successfully reinstated the game back on Steam with the music which Mauer claimed as her property.

But it seems problems just won’t leave the devs and their game so easily. Mauer went for the dev’s YouTube channel and filed multiple copyright strikes which lead to the termination of the account. further, she went on to twitter and tweeted the following

River City Ransom: Underground returning to Steam does indicate that Alex is using the law for harassing the team and the YouTube account suspension surprise no one as unlawful copyright strikes in Youtube has become pretty normal now.

But why is she doing it? well everyone is wondering the same

As the game got reinstated to Steam their YouTube Channel will be back too. it’s only a matter of time.

Mauer has previously done the same thing with Developer Imagos Software’s game Starr Mazer: DSP she was hired to compose music for the game but later went on to file a DMCA case which took down the game from steam. but Imagos weren’t so lenient like Contatus they won the case and further also filed a restraining order on her.

Anyways the good new is River City Ransom: Underground is back on Steam and is available for PC. for more information you can visit the Steam Page or the Official Website.


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