Dream Daddy Fanartist Apologizes After Unbearable Harassment

Dream Daddy

Developer and Publisher Game Grump’s sim dating game Dream Daddy was an instant hit on steam and though the gameplay was not something groundbreaking. but it was surely praised for its progressive thinking.

But somehow the game has managed to become a hot topic. as previously reported that an artist whose twitter name is Ohnips created a gender swapped fan art of the characters from Dream Daddy.

But some people got offended because of it. why?  according to the creators the Goth character in the game whose name Damien is a transgender man. Ohnips in her art portrayed him as a female character which was perceived as demeaning and transphobic. due to this fan artist received many hate messages and some even contained death threats.

Even Developer of the game had to intervene and said that the harassment over a fan art is not good and it needs to be stopped. a majority of people were in support of the Ohnips which included several transgender people too and all claimed it’s just a harmless imaginary art.

But the harassment didn’t stop it escalated so much that Ohnips decided to close all her social media accounts.

But again she received massive support and her Fans requested her to not let the social media and let the harassers win.

Later she posted an apologize

Many of her supporters sympathized with her and also pointed out that it was wrong to apologize to people who harass and send death threats.

So what is Ohnips decision after all getting into a terrible situation? well, she is not gonna fall or back out because of some trolls. this is her latest tweet.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is available for PC. for more information you can visit the official website or Steam Page.

Image Credit: Ohnips

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