Dream Daddy Fanartist Receives Hate For Genderbending Characters

Dream Daddy

Developer and Publisher Game Grumps’s new game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator became an instant hit when it came out on steam. it was well received by the gaming community for its story and progressive thinking.

For those who don’t know about this game. it is dating simulator in which players play as a single dad with a daughter who has moved to a new locality and on the same street, there are other single dads whom you can date. you can interact with them and finally romance with them.

As the game is very popular a female fan artist whose twitter handle is named as Ohnips created a gender swapped fan art of the characters present in the game and tweeted it out.

The art was well received by the gaming community and many praised and loved the art but not everyone was happy about it.

Just a few hours of posting the tweet the artist started receiving several hate messages which stated that the art is transphobic and should be removed. it became so unbearable that Ohnips had her tweet protected because of the massive hate she was receiving.

A compiled list of hate messages by Nick Monroe

Things escalated and even the developer of Dream Daddy had to tweet about it where the pleaded to the community to not harass anyone over a fanart. the tweet from devs revealed that Ohnips was not just receiving hate messages but also death threats.

So why a simple Gender Swapped art become such an issue?

A Reddit post by user BaconCatbug stated about the hate messages Ohnips has been receiving and in the same thread user KonKitty gives a basic overview of situation which you can read below

Dream Daddy

So basically some people from the transgender community are offended that Damien who according to creators is a transgender character should not have been mispresented as it is offensive and promotes transphobia.

But despite all the hate majority of the people are in support of the artist which includes many transgender people. Ohnips later tweeted out that she is immensely grateful for the supports

And later she gave her clear view on the situation

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is currently available for PC. for more information you can visit the official website or Steam Page.

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